EAS Project Information - ElectroAir Ground Power Units

EAS Project Information

ElectroAir company is supported by EAS.
The purpose of the Project is to develop ElectroAir company’s products and activity
Period of Project Duration: 01.01.2020 – 30.06.2021
Description of the Project: To gain a wider recognition in the aviation world and credibility of customers, extending the product segment to the world with unique products, introducing new equipment and technologies, and thus increasing the company’s turnover.
Expected Result: It will definitely increase competitiveness and export sales, and the company will be able to grow faster in the short term by expanding its activities and investing more and creating new jobs.
The Name of the Fund: EAS European Regional Development Fund.
Total cost of the Project: 783 000 EUR.
The amount of the Grant: 274 050 EUR.