Inverters for railways - ElectroAir Ground Power Units


Inverters for railways

Inverters of the I-PTP series are intended to transmit excess recuperation energy from the DC contact network to the AC power supply network on traction substations of the mainline railways as well as to ensure safety on slopes.

The following functions are implemented in the inverter:
• automatic detection and activation of the regenerative mode;
• possibility of correcting the operating characteristic of the inverter;
• automatic correction of the boundary angles of thyristor control of the inverter, depending on the inverting current;
• control of breakdown of thyristors in the inverter arm;
• signaling for the disconnection of the DC circuit-breaker in case of inverter faults;
• cooling of the inverter thyristors is performed with the use of coolers on “heat pipes” with forced cooling by fans with a smooth change in the speed of rotation of the blades, depending on the operating mode and temperature in the power cabinet.



Parameter Value
1.   Rated output frequency, Hz 50
2. Rated input DC voltage, V 3800
3. Maximum input DC voltage, V 4000
4. Number of phases of output voltage 6
5. Range of voltage level stabilization, V 3300…3900
6. Inverter voltage tolerance, not more than, % 2
7. Nominal inverted current, А 1600
8. Nominal invertible power, кВт 6000
9. Permissible current overload of the rated value, %:

–        During 15 min. (once per hour)

–        During 2 min. (once per hour)

–        During 10 sec. (once per 2 minutes)





10. Rated Output Frequency according to GOST 13109-97, Hz 50
11. Number of phases of output voltage 6
12. Supply voltage for own needs and operational circuits ~220V


13. Type of cooling Forced air cooling
14. Quality of the electric power network for own needs according to

GOST 13109-97