Laboratory equipment - ElectroAir Ground Power Units


Laboratory equipment

Low-power supply units are the special part of ElectroAir product list. This equipment has a wide variety of parameters. As an example, the output frequency 400Hz, 1000Hz; input voltage can be either 28,5V DC or custom frequency AC, three- or one-phase. This variety is meant by the application field of such units – these are the working places of electronic device developers, testing and experimental laboratories, on-board rocketry equipment.

The dimensions are accordingly small, which also corresponds with the field of application. EAC-0,8 with input supply of 28,5VDC and two outputs of 115V and 36V at 400Hz, is only 330x200x75mm and weights 4,4kg. The protection class of the unit EAC-0,8 is IP65.

The extremely stable output frequency provided by ElectroAir converters allows using one EAC unit for simultaneous supply of many working places of electronic device developers.
The output voltage range and frequency regulation is done by potentiometer or buttons on the unit control panel. To provide the capability of working with each phase of the output voltage separately for testing and experimental laboratories, the additional terminal blocks, indicators and testing pins can be installed.