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Portable Quick Starter

The portable quick starter EAQS series is designed to deliver high amperage for starting pistons and turbine engines. It is capable of producing an output either 2100 A or 2×2100 A in portable and lightweight package, that stays maintenance free throughout its lifespan.

Technical specification

  • Battery type: Li-ion, Lead Acid, dry-cell
  • Peak current: 2100 A or 2×2100 A
  • Voltage: 24; 28,5 VDC
  • Capacity: 32 Ah
  • Charger: 50 Hz, 1 ph, 110 V/220 V (switchable)
  • Temperature: –20 to +50 ˚C
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Country of origin: Estonia


  • High performance
  • Cold start
  • Light weight, easily carried onboard aircraft
  • Stackable due to unique design
  • In-built wheels
  • Weather protected
  • Non-hazardous, pure lead, dry cell technology
  • No memory effects

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