IAC - ElectroAir Ground Power Units
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The power module IAC is designed to provide power to three-phase asynchronous motors
with a frequency of 60 Hz during maintenance and commissioning in production. The power
module can also be used for centralized power supply of work departments and test stands of

Parameter name Norm
Rated supply voltage, V 3x 380, PE
Rated power supply frequency, Hz  50
Permissible deviation of the supply network,% ±10
Rated power consumption, kVA 3 – 300
Ability to work with unbalanced load  Yes
Efficiency, in nominal mode, %  97
Degree of protection IP54
Exit #1
Rated output power, kVA 3 – 300
Rated output voltage, V  220/380
Rated load power factor, not less than  0.95
Load change range, %  0 – 100
Output voltage stabilization accuracy, % ±2
Output voltage frequency, Hz 60
Deviation of output frequency from nominal, %  ±0.1
Sinusoidal distortion factor, not worse, % 3