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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

A completely eco-friendly charging station for electric vehicles EACharger, is an elegant solution for the airports, urban and out of city areas alike. It supports a wide range of standards and protocols and is equipped with various types of plugs, making it multi-functional and capable of any customer need adaptation. The charging station flexibility allows to charge the vehicle with both DC and AC current. Fast charging methods provides stable power up to 200kW for 4 paralleled modules. Its multi-protocol design supports CCS Combo2, CHAdeMO and AC charging standards.

The robust protective casing of the station ensures the unit is fully prepared for harsh environment exploitation. The neat graphic display provides a user-friendly interface, making the service easy and fast to execute.

The charging station EACharger is equipped with filters against radioelectric and impulse distortions, which ensures the full compliance with EU standards and directives.

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