Rectifiers - ElectroAir Ground Power Units
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The new Generation EAR series rectifiers are designed to power on-board electrical equipment and launch aircraft and helicopters

with a voltage of 28.5 VDC and a rated current of up to 1500 A continuously upon request they can be manufactured with great source output parameters), with an overload of up to 2500 A. The new Generation rectifiers are equipped with a MPCU microprocessor control plate intended for control functions, protection, and diagnosis. Rectifiers can also be equipped with an access system and energy consumption monitoring system.


20 to 1200

  • Rated current up to 1200A with overloads up to 2500A


  • Very stable voltage
  • Automatic voltage drop compensation on the cable (up to 50m)

2 DC ++

  • Dual independent output channel option
  • Ability to work on a “28V/56V” mode

Eco and Personnel Friendly

  • No CO 2 – emissions
  • Maximum usage of recycle materials
  • Extraordinary personnel safety features
  • Easy to operate
  • Noise level <60dB(A) @1m

15 min Modularity

  • Modular system – easy to replace
  • Mean time to repair is less than 15 min

Monitoring system

  • Energy consumption monitoring system
  • Power log and “black box” mode


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