Hybrid Rectifier Unit APA-10 - ElectroAir Ground Power Units


Hybrid Rectifier Unit APA-10

This is an exceptionally small Hybrid Diesel 28VDC GPU APA-10 for business jets and helicopters. APA-10 is especially designed to operate on diesel and Jet fuel. It is an excellent solution for providing 28,5V for helicopter facilities, business jets, and aviation training centers. The APA-10 is a hybrid GPU equipped with diesel engine for continuous power and batteries for engine starting mode. Lightweight and maneuverable, the unit is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Its relatively small size and extreme agility allow bringing the rectifier to any desired position. The elegant casing is made out of composite material, providing it long life and comfort to the user. The intuitive interface is user-friendly, making the GPU easy to control. Equipped with a highly durable chassis and mechanical braking system, this GPU is well prepared for heavy-duty and harsh conditions.

The Ultra Green Power Solution Battery and Diesel engine driven GPU series APA is designed to reduce CO2 emissions with its unique technical characteristics.