Traction rectifiers for electrificated transport - ElectroAir Ground Power Units


Traction rectifiers for electrificated transport

The rectifier of the V-TPED series are intended to convert AC to DC in traction substations of electrified railways, as well as urban electrified transport.

The following functions are implemented in the rectifier:

  • control of breakdown of diodes;
  • the output of a signal for the disconnection of power switches of both direct current and input AC breakers in case of rectifier malfunctions;
  • cooling system of rectifier diodes is made with the use of coolers on “heat pipes” with forced cooling by fans with a smooth change in the speed of rotation of the blades, depending on the operating mode and temperature in the power cabinet;
  • on the rectifier doors are installed electromagnetic blocking lock and auxiliary monitoring block-contacts.



Parameter Value
1     Rated input frequency, Hz 50
2 Rated output DC voltage, |V 3300
3 Maximum DC voltage output, В 4000
4 Number of phases of input voltage 6
5 Nominal rectified current, А 3000
6 Rated power, kW 10400
7 Permissible current overload of the nominal value, %:

–        During 15 min. (once per hour)

–        During 2 min. (once per hour)

–        During 10 sec. (once per 2 minutes)





8 Voltage supply of own needs and operational automation ~220V


9 Type of cooling system Forced air cooling
10 Quality of the electric power network for own needs According GOST 13109-97