Comprehensive Solutions - ElectroAir Ground Power Units


Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive aircraft ground servicing solutions

ElectroAir offers comprehensive solutions for airplane and helicopter ground servicing. We offer:

  • transformer substations,
  • distribution pillars (underground and/or ground-based),
  • UPS units,
  • diesel-powered backup power stations,
  • air compressor equipment,
  • ground current rectifiers and frequency converters for aircraft

Transformer substations can be equipped with one or two high voltage (6, 10 kV) inputs. Diesel generators can be used to ensure 100% operational reliability of all aircraft ground service power systems.

Transformer substations are equipped with a dry type three-phase transformer and a complete set of switching and measuring equipment.

Сontrol systems are assembled in a service cabinet unit, with mounted Mitsubishi controller, measuring, input, output and networking devices.

Our implemented automatic control system is capable of remote substation monitoring, bi-directional data transfer, emergency or critical operation modes alerts, relaying the current consumption data or connected devices’ idle times via Modbus and Ethernet data transfer protocols, as well as storing all of the information in the built-in memory.