Meet Electroair EV charging systems - ElectroAir Ground Power Units

Meet Electroair EV charging systems

Meet ElectroAir EV charging systems!

EACharger AC (in front) complies with Mode 3 charging standards and is the ideal choice for electric vehicles with either Type 2 or Type 1 sockets. It can deliver up to 44kW of power and is available in both three-phase and single-phase configurations. The charger also boasts useful features such as an RFID reader, payment terminal, graphic display, and one or two outputs that may feature various sockets/cables. With its flexible design, EACharger AC makes it easy to construct hubs for collaboration in areas such as municipal parking lots, roads infrastructure, charging hubs, airports, shopping malls and stadiums.

EACharger DC-Public (behind)

This is a comfortable and elegant solution for road infrastructure, airports, shopping malls, stadiums etc. It supports CCS Combo2, CHAdeMO and AC charging standards. Typical places to install: road infrastructure objects, special charging hubs, airports, shopping malls, stadiums etc. The output power could be chosen with 50kW increment. It is possible to charge up to 2 cars simultaneously. This station is equipped with authorization and payment features: RFID reader, card payment terminal. Robust protective casing is fully prepared for the weather conditions in every climatic zone. The graphic display provides a comfortable communication.

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