Cable Extender - ElectroAir Ground Power Units


Cable Extender

The EAZ zigzag type cable extender is intended for storing and moving cables from the GPU to the aircraft.It consists of up to 10 sections with a length of 5 metres.  Its simple modular design with bolt connections means a low maintenance cost. All the metal details are hot dip galvanised and can be painted according to the client`s wishes. EAZ has a very comfortable trolley with places for plugs and remote control to simplify operation of the GPU.

Remote control

  • The extender is equipped with remote control


Storing and moving

  • Storing and moving of cables from GPU to aircraft


Up tp 3 cables

  • Consists of up to 3 cables for AC 400Hz or 28,5VDC.


Simple modular design

  • Bolt connections of few sections
  • The maximum angle between the adjacent is 270 degrees

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