AC+DC Combined Power Units - ElectroAir Ground Power Units


AC+DC Combined Power Units

The combined power supply units of ЕАСR series are intended to supply power to the on-board electrical equipment of aircrafts and helicopters during pre-flight preparation at airports, the shop floors of aircraft industry enterprises and complex training simulators in aviation study-training centers.

These power supply units have two types of independent outputs: one with direct current of 28.5 V, and second one with alternating current of 400 Hz. All channels can be independently regulated and used simultaneously. The voltage compensation system is made separately for each output.

DC outputs can be operated both as two-channel with 28/56 VDC function and single-channel with 28.5 VDC.




  • Combination of frequency converter and rectifier



  • Independent AC and DC outputs
  • Possibility of simultaneous work of both channels
  • Power supply for several aircrafts


Ventilation cooling system

  • Located on top
  • Low noise fans


36V & 24V/48V

Special outputs

  • Special 400Hz 36V output
  • Ability to work on a 28V/56V mode


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