Charger-discharger - ElectroAir Ground Power Units



Charger-Discharger of EAR-CH series serves to test, charge, discharge and commissioning of all types of aircraft batteries (lead-acid, Ni-Cd, Li-ion, etc.). It provides storing the maintenance history of each battery during the whole cycle of charging-discharging. Availiability of dual outputs allows to charge or discharge two batteries at the same time. Voltage and temperature measurement are performed by every element of the battery with special “Probe” testers.



  • Ability to print the results of charging-discharging



  • Connection to computer
  • Monitoring function


47 Programs

  • 47 programs installed
  • Ability to create your own program



  • Simultaneous charge and discharge of two batteries


DC power source

  • Can be used as DC power supply

 Memo function

  • Memorizes last function
  • Restore function

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