LOAD BANK ANALYZER - ElectroAir Ground Power Units


ElectroAir is pleased to introduce our new product – LOAD BANK ANALYZER. The first owner of such equipment is  the airport of Islamabad, Pakistan.

This unique device is designed to simulate the aircraft connected to the GPU with a complete output power analysis.

The GPU load bank is primarily used for

  • GPU maintenance,
  • GPU’s parameters adjustment according to the specific operational environment
  • and checking GPU’s properties under different electric loads.

The device is designed to test GPU output power at 90/60 kVA for 115/200 V, 400Hz and 28/56 V DC.

In the power load bank there are six separate resistive modules:

  • 2 x active resistance 72 kW
  • 2 x reactive resistance 54 kVAr
  • 1 x DC 28V, 2500A
  • 1 x DC 56V, 1250A
  • The modules consist of resistive plates, which are made of stainless steel.

Inside the modules resistive elements are isolated from each other by ceramic isolator, which can stand high temperatures produced by current flowing through the resistive elements.


  • Continuous operating time
  • High capacity – simultaneous work on 4 outputs
  • Individual cooling system on each module

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